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Program Highlights

Serbia and Montenegro


  • Married couples and single women (Serbia only) may adopt..
  • Children already in the home are permitted .
  • There are no religious restrictions.
  • Previous divorce is acceptable
  • Two unrelated children can be adopted at the same time
  • Families residing anywhere in the U.S can apply

General Description of the Children

The majority of children are healthy between 1-5 years old but can be as young as 3 months old at time of referral. Children with special needs and sibling groups are available. Most of the children are cared for in orphanages but some are cared for in foster care.

Program Description.

In both countries, adoption is an administrative decision. The initial adoption papers must be submitted for approval to the Ministry of Labor and Social Department, which has an office in each territory. The local authorities approve the application/registration for adoption within a two-month period. The family will then receive their referral.

After the adoptive parents accept the child, The Ministry of Labor will approve the adoption in a special meeting called “Ceremony of Adoption.” Both parents have to be at this meeting and then one spouse can return home. This meeting takes place not more than one week after the adoption isapproved. All adoption papers will be completed with adoptive parent’s name. Serbian Adoption Law does now allow for the first name of the child to be changed which can be done in the USA. Montenegro allows the first name to be changed.

The local authorities will issue an adoption decree that includes child’s history and adoption details, new birth certificate and passport. All adoption papers are then translated into the English language. The family can go to the US Embassy for their child’s visa. For both countries, the visas are issued at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade.

Help with travel plans and other concerns you have will be addressed prior to your leaving. You will be assisted by our facilitator from the time you arepicked up in Belgrade’s airport to the time you leave for the USA with your child. You will receive a list of things, which might be helpful to bring and make your trip that much easier prior to your leaving. I personally am available to assist you as your concerns arise 24/7


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